Duties Agility

Title:              Show Chair – Agility

  1. Send in application prior to AKC deadline (6 months prior to event date).
  2. Get contract for Judge; typically have two to three years out on judges.
  3. Send any documentation required by the Judge to the Judge on their timeline, designated in their contract. (Site Map and Equipment List updated for each trial)
  4. Get 1099 signed by Judge and turn into Treasurer.
  5. Work with Secretary on premium.
  6. Set class run order daily for Premium.
  7. Have all Committee heads designated.
  8. Be sure all equipment meets requirements at least six months ahead of time. (Requirements are on the AKC site.)
  9. Coordinate with Committee heads that all jobs are covered, help out where needed.
  10. Arrange for Hotel for Judge, find out when Judge will be coming in Thursday night or Friday am and when departing, let hotel know of any changes.
  11. Arrange who will pick up and deliver Judge to event daily. (typically the hospitality chair)
  12. Get bill from Judge make sure it is what you agreed to per the contract.
  13. Get special food items for the Judge and have at the trial.
  14. Be sure to bring Club sign.
  15. Bring measuring devise.  Get second table (borrow GDAC’s for measuring).
  16. Bring First Aid kit.
  17. Ensure all equipment will be delivered to site for Trial.
  18. Be sure disaster/evacuation plan are posted.
  19. Check to see what Emergency Vet you are going to use and give to Secretary for premium.
  20. Check to see if Secretary is going to print out directions to Emergency Vet or if you need to have this done.

Title:              Secretary – Agility

  1. If hiring non-club member for example Ellen Calnan, be sure to have her lined out a year in advance.  Her Contract information is:  Ellen Calnan, 406-544-2418.
  2. Work on draft of premium at least 5 months ahead of time.
  3. Get draft to Chair to confirm.
  4. Send copies to AKC per the requirements.
  5. Get premium posted on the website.
  6. Get entry form into a PDF fillable.
  7. Be sure software is up to date with the most current version.
  8. Put entries into club’s computer, if the Secretary is a club member, if not once the Trial closes, get the information on USB and put on club computer.
  9. Give monies with deposit record to Treasurer.  Have this done prior to trial so that if someone’s monies are NSF you can get cash before they run.
  10. Have scribe sheets printed after move-ups prior to trial.
  11. List of dogs to be measured – give to Judge.
  12. Have exhibitor labels printed for each day.
  13. Have gate report with each classes scribe sheets in separate packets so that they can be given out to the Chief Ring Steward.
  14. Post Run order per AKC rules/regulations.
  15. Print multiple copies of Directions to Vet.
  16. Input class results and have sheets ready for judges checking at the end of each class.
  17. Put catalog together for judge each day before they leave the trial site.
  18. Be sure to get course map copies from Judge, they need to be sent with documentation to AKC.
  19. Send all documentation to AKC with checks, that you get from the Treasurer, the Monday after the trial so that they will be received by the AKC before the 7 day deadline.

Title:              Chief Ring Steward – Agility

  1. Be the point of contact on the premium for all competitors that may want to sign up for working the trial ahead of time.
  2. Contact all club members to see who wants to work what specific jobs.
  3. Be sure that every position is covered for every class.
  4. White Board updating for all jobs for each days classes each day.
  5. Get Gate Report and scribe sheets for every class and put on table for the Scribe and Timer.
  6. Know how to set up and use Timing equipment and be able to change for every class.  Move Timing equipment from Ring 1 to Ring 2.  (Have Maria Siebeck show you how to use equipment).
  7. Get lunch tickets from Chair and recycle them at end of trial, do not throw away. Handing out worker tickets for free lunch after worker has worked 2 full classes.  Club members work more than two classes but only get (1) ticket

Title:              Chief Course Builder – Agility

  1. Get all equipment to trial the morning of trial.
  2. Set up Ring morning of trial.
  3. Make sure all equipment meets the most current AKC standards.  Check with Chair.  Do this a month ahead of time so that equipment at trial is ok.  Test teeter and have testing stuff there for the judge to test it. (Also have weight to add to teeter if needed for timing regulation)
  4. First day be sure to get the coordinates from Judge prior to first class run so that flags are layed out.
  5. Get maps from Judge daily for the entire day.  Build ring 2 while ring 1 is being run and vice versa.
  6. Load equipment at end of trial.

Title:              Ribbons & Awards – Agility

  1. Order Place Ribbons and Title Ribbons from Prize Ribbons, Inc. (see Website or ask Agility Chair for past orders and ordering information.)
  2. Order Specialty Ribbons from Hodges (see Website or ask Agility Chair for past orders and ordering information.)
  3. Order Toys, check with Chair to see if this needs to be done, order may have already been placed for the year.
  4. Get Class winner (labels) from Secretary and post sheets in notebooks.  (This job may be done by Trial Secretary) but check with them.  Do this after every class runs, again check with Secretary to find out how much time they need so that you don’t bug them.
  5. Give extra labels back to Secretary.
  6. Count ribbons given out for entire trial and give number to Chair.
  7. Count all toys given out for entire trial and give number to Chair

Title:              Hospitality – Agility

  1. If member cooking:  talk with Chair about what items they want for workers lunch, needs to include main item, a dessert and drink.
  2. Dependent on Chair – have morning hospitality items set up, if not doing morning items ignore.
  3. Have lunch either provided by a vendor or a club member is responsible.
  4. If Vendor be sure they have food on time starting at 10:45 ending at 1:30 on Saturday and Sunday, make sure they are bringing all items for workers lunch, paper plates, silverware, napkins, food, drinks, etc.  Get tickets from vendor, confirm daily total and turn tickets into Chief Ring Steward.
  5. If member is responsible for workers lunch, then get all paper goods needed to the Fairgrounds.
  6. Be sure food is available from 10:45 – 1:30.
  7. Get tickets from all volunteers, “No tickeee”, No Eatee”
  8. Turn tickets at end of day back to Chief Ring Steward for the next day.
  9. Clean up area after each day’s event.
  10. Last day pack items back up and return to Storage unit.

Title:              Emergency Coordinator – Agility

  1. In case of an emergency event, help director person or persons to hospital or vet.
  2. If 911 is called, please direct emergency personal to the person or persons that 911 was called.