How to add news and blog

I’m hoping members will take this opportunity to post their own news, brag about titles, introduce us to their new puppies, and make this a club resource. Here’s some information on “how to”.

Register as a user

I created user accounts for all GDC club members. With your account, you can brag about your accomplishments, download pictures of your new puppy, announce an event. Your collaboration will help make this a great resource for GDC members.

This site is open to current GDC members. By default, you’re a SUBSCRIBER when you initially register. Once I check your name against the current membership roster, you will be upgraded to EDITOR. If you’re not on the roster, you’ll be deleted. An editor can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts. This means you can create your own pages for your dogs, brag about titles as your dog earns them on the blog (NEW) page, and post your own brags, photos, videos, etc. on the blog (News & Brags), make comments and edit other people’s comments.

An important note about passwords

Half a dozen losers per day try to brute-force their way into this website by trying to guess admin passwords. One of the easiest security features you as a user can have is a strong password. This website requires that your password be at least 12 characters long, and must contain both lower and uppercase letters, numbers and other special characters including $%#@*&. Don’t use any word that can be found in a dictionary (of any language). For your own safety, change passwords frequently, and don’t use the same password for multiple sites.

Posts & Pages

Posts are the content of the blog. Blog is short for “weblog”, which is a dynamic log of news and events, thoughts, articles, rants, etc. Every individual post gets published in calendar order on the NEWS page, which is the blog.

Pages are for more static content. COMING EVENTS is an example of a page. Pages can be updated, and new pages can be created, but they’re not as dynamic as the blog posts.

Logging in

Once you’re registered as a user, you can log in to the website by clicking “login” at the very bottom of each page, or by placing “wp-admin” after the domain address: . Log in using your username and password.


If you’re an Editor, you’ll see:

Posts (All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags)

Let’s start with POSTS.


All Posts – you can see the list of all the posts you can view, edit, or delete.
Add New – here you can write content
Categories – classify Posts into groups and subgroups, which aids viewers in navigating the site.
Post Tags – key words that help users find the info they’re seeking

Choose ADD NEW. Add a title and content. From the menus to the right, choose a Category, or create a new category. Add keywords to the Tags field if you wish.

Down below the content box, “All in One SEO Pack” adds the meta data that search engines look for. Go ahead and add a tile, description and keywords.

You can write your post in VISUAL or HTML (upper right of content box). If you cut and paste from another application, all the formatting will be added along with the text – if you don’t want this, cut and paste in HTML. Or, you can open the icon on the far right (Show/Hide Kitchen Sink) and then you can either PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT, or REMOVE FORMATTING.

Add an image

To add a photo, click the little photo icon right next to “upload/insert”. Choose the file or files from your computer (you can upload a whole bunch of photos at once if you want). After the file has uploaded, click on SHOW. A form opens where you can change the title, add a caption, choose where you want the image to be (left, center, right) and how large. If you select thumbnail, the reader can click on the image and it will open to its actual size. Click INSERT.


When you’re done, click PUBLISH and it will automatically appear on the NEWS page! You can click “View Post” at the top to go look at it. If you have older news to post, you can change the publish date by clicking EDIT next to Publish immediately and then change the date. If you aren’t quite ready to publish, you can save it as a draft and come back later.

Edit a Page or add a new Page

You have the following options on the dashboard:

All Pages
Add New

If you want to edit an existing page, e.g., add an announcement or upcoming event, go to
PAGES – All Pages and scroll thru until you find the page you’re looking for. Highlight the page title and you’ll see
Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View
Click Edit. You can edit in Visual or HTML mode, whatever you’re most comfortable with. Click UPDATE when you’re done.

More to come! If you run into problems, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!