I wanted to thank all those members who worked their butts off this weekend, you will never know how much I appreciate your efforts.

I do want to send out some special thanks to those leading the battle, Bev for her tireless work as Chief Ring Steward, she not only worked through every class herself but made sure we were covered in every position for every class. You could see her running out and setting bars, in her “free time, NOT!” just so things could keep moving. Thank you.

Maria for not only course building with Butch but doing awards when those great gals from Helena, the Prevels, were not available. Judy for working when she could.

I want to thank Terri Krause’s kids, Tim and Kelli, what troopers, they worked off and on for all three days and for teenagers never really complained. Tim was happy to have food and finding softballs in his down time. Kelli fried her feet on Saturday but hung in there all day on Sunday. Thank you junior members your mother should be very proud of your efforts.

Thanks to Kim, Susan’s brother-in-law, he also worked almost every class, he is a great guy and I really appreciate him helping our club out especially since he is not a member. For Susan working and helping were she could and helping break down and put away on Sunday.

To Donna who also worked every class for two days. She ran leashes and did some ring stewarding. Judy for getting the food, for Vicky coming in on Sunday after getting in late on Saturday, for Yvonne coming in and working the timer on Sunday. Thanks to Sami and Anne for helping set up on Friday and covering when they could after obed and rally were finished. Thanks to Becky for getting my judge to and fro every day even after her long days in obed/rally.

To Heidi as secretary, she worked her butt off so that the trial could go smoothly. To my husband, Butch, who never likes to be thanked but continued to work til 10:00 last night putting all the equipment away for another year. Who put up the gating, course builds, get toilet paper in the bath rooms, a pretty much all around guy. Without him I can tell you this weekend would not happen. I know he will never see this so I can thank him.

I hope that I did not leave anyone out it is not intentional. Again I appreciate you all so very much.

I don’t know if you realize but had it not been for those members who were there on Sunday afternoon as the participants were disappearing, we would have been dead in the water without you. You really rallied to get those classes covered and I really appreciate it.