TO: All AKC Best in Show Judges
From: Judging Operations

As adopted by the Delegate body at its September 2011 meeting and included in the Fall 2011, Winter 2012 and Spring 2012 issues of the judge’s newsletter The Standard; effective July 3, 2012 a Reserve Best in Show must also be offered by any club giving group classes. The Reserve Best in Show winner will be chosen by the same judge that has been assigned Best in Show.

Judges presiding over the Best in Show competition should award the Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show consecutively and IN THAT ORDER. The second place from the group in which the Best in Show winner advanced from WILL NOT be called into the ring for the selection of Reserve Best in Show. Both awards should be marked at the same time in your judge’s book.

Remember, Best in Show is the ONLY class in which judges are permitted to mark their book before indicating the winner. Whether you mark your book before or after indicating the winner, the Best in Show and the Reserve Best in Show recipients are to be marked at the same time.

You are encouraged to speak with the Executive Field Representative in attendance at any upcoming judging assignments regarding the selection of this award. Do not hesitate to contact the Judging Operations Department for additional information or further clarification on the proper procedure associated with the awarding Reserve Best in Show.